Why let external hackers find your exposed cloud instances or data? HunterXHacker's affordable, fast, and accurate continuous cloud health and compliance scanning provides you the oversight you need to build next generation cloud solutions at speed. Knowing what is right and wrong in your cloud configuration lets you address issues before they become a security risk. Give your cloud team the ability to proactively fix items with just-in-time scanning that can be run with any build system.


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Cloud and AppSec Scanning
Industry Standard Tools

HunterXHacker specializes in AWS Application Security and Cloud.

Add Static and Dynamic scanning to your pipeline. Get an assessment of what's in your cloud, the state of your buckets, what is publicly accessible, and what is misconfigured.

Plug the data into Security Hub if you use it and get a good look at what is right and wrong with your cloud build.

HunterXHacker can assess your needs and provide either free and open source tools to address your compliance and security needs, or recommend industry standard tools that are effective.

We can also provide Open Source assessment for vulnerabilities and issues related to software licensing. 

HunterXHacker contributes security tools to the Open Source community and has tools in the Black Hat Arsenal for voice activated automated penetration testing.

HunterXHacker consulting services provide experienced guidance through the process of security maturity and compliance.


Code Review

Security Training


Dark Web Data Leaks
Social Media Data and Promoter/Detractor Score
Identity Watch

Press Sentiment Watch
HxH Threat Level
Breach Data
and Email Use
Systems Watch
DNS and Related
Entity Evaluation
Cloud Keys and Certificates Watch
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HunterXHacker is a group of security professionals with extensive experience in real-world security for large and small companies. Our experts can help you find the balance between tool-spend and risk reduction. 

HunterXHacker has the certified security professionals, procurement specialists, hackers, policy developers, auditors, and AI experts you need to support your team. 


Our vision is helping companies move toward the efficiencies and capabilities of the cloud in a safe and affordable way. 

HunterXHacker believes that AI will arrive in a powerful way this year and we embrace AI to provide information to you in a meaningful way.

AI solutions must be real, effective, validated against real data, and justifiable so that your business is protected.


HunterXHacker turns to automation to provide you with force-multiplying support for the long term. 

HunterXHacker uses AWS solution components and Alexa to provide you with voice control over your compliance information.

HunterXHacker engineers employ the best in automation, voice control, and AI to provide you low cost low human-review-centric solutions.



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